Dog Grooming Styles

There are a number of different types of styles which can be selected for your dog.  This will be discussed and decided when you have your first full consultation at Coat King Groomers.  That of course doesn’t mean this is the only style that will ever be done on your dog. If you decide on a different style in the future, and as long as that is suitable for the breed type, the style can be changed to suit your requirements.

The style you choose will depend on a few factors:

  • How often your dog is professionally groomed
  • How much time you can dedicate to brushing your dog at home between appointments
  • The trim for a town dog will be different for a working or country dog

Before making your decision on the style you would like for your dog, please visit the section on “matted coats” and the recommendations as set out by the Pet Industry Federation. Further costs may be incurred if the coat is very matted or the temperament of the dog requires extra time. The length of time between appointments will vary depending on breed and coat type. Recommendation would be for an appointment anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks.

The Clipped and

Scissor Style

This trim retains the character of the breed but keeps the coat at a more manageable length.

The body is clipped down to a fairly short length and the furnishings down the legs and belly are scissored to the desired length.

This trim will require brushing between studio visits and recommendation would be for an appointment every 6 weeks (subject to breed type and coat condition).

The Puppy Cut or

Teddy Bear Trim Style

This cut takes the coat back to what the dog would have looked like as a young puppy by leaving a long coat all over the body.

Although this coat is suitable for full coated breeds like Tibetan Terrier, Bearded Collie, Lhasa Apso and lots of cross breeds, it isn’t suitable for all breeds.

As this trim is high maintenance, recommendation would be for an appointment every 4 to 6 weeks, requiring the clients to brush the dog regularly in-between appointments.

The Clip Off Style

This is the most common way that most clipped breeds can be trimmed and popular with country and working dogs e.g Spaniels. It is practical and economical, lasting at least a month longer than other trim styles.

All long furnishings, feathers, skirt are clipped down, with a trim on the legs (same depth as the body of the dog) and under the belly. The ears and tails
are clipped depending on your choice or can be left long if suitable for the breed.

This is a trim that needs minimal attention between appointments therefore suiting the busy pet owner. Recommendation would be for an appointment every 10 to12 weeks.

In-between Groom Style

In-between grooming sessions, you can always treat your dog to one of the bath packages, keeping their coat in excellent condition and matt free until the next full groom.

Please visit the “Dog Grooming Prices Page” to see a range of bath prices depending on dog breed and size.

Please visit the “Dog Grooming Prices Page” to see a range of bath prices depending on dog breed and size.

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