Terms & Conditions

In order to ensure the health and safety of your dog, Coat King Groomers
requires all of our customers to read and understand the following terms and conditions.

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Customer Registration Form

All dogs attending Coat King Groomers must have an up to date signed customer registration form on file. New customer registration and existing customer record updates will be done in the studio. Please inform us if there are any changes in personal details or any changes to your pet’s health or temperament.

Customer data will be treated in accordance to the data protection principles of the Data Protection Act and will not be shared with 3rd parties.

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Coat King Groomers requires all dog’s to be vaccinated prior to their first groom. By signing the customer registration form, the customer confirms that their dog’s vaccinations are up to date. Proof of vaccination and any other veterinary treatment records shall be provided on request. If your dog’s vaccinations are not up to date, please advise Coat King Groomers so that we can discuss in further detail, prior to any appointment.

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Health & Medical Situations

Some dogs may find the grooming process stressful especially senior dogs or those dogs with health problems. If during the grooming process, any exposed or unknown medical problems arise or are aggravated, Coat King Groomers will not be held liable for any situation arising from an existing or unknown health condition.

In the best interest of the dog, Coat King Groomers will make every effort to contact the customer prior to taking the dog to Coat King Groomers’ retained veterinarian practice. By signing the customer registration form, the customer gives permission to obtain immediate veterinary treatment and that it is expressly agreed, that any and all expenses arising from the provision of veterinary care, are the sole responsibility of the customer.

If you are aware that your dog is suffering from ill health or has an infectious virus / disease, please do not bring your dog to the studio.

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Matted Coats

Dogs with severely matted coats require additional attention as the matts in a dog’s coat can grow tight and put pressure on a dog’s skin, which could result in tearing the skin open. At Coat King Groomers, no dog will be subjected to unnecessary pain, suffering or stress by attempting to de-matt the coat for more than 15 minutes as specified by the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Please review Coat King Groomers matting policy for further information.

Ear Plucking, Anal Glands Expression and Teeth Cleaning

Anal Gland Expressions

Anal gland expression of dogs are now deemed to be a
“veterinary procedure” by the Pet Industry Federation, which
Coat King Groomers is a member of. Therefore, this procedures which
will not be performed in the studio.

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Fleas & Ticks

Coat King Groomers strives to be a flea & tick free studio. Dogs with a flea or tick infestation carry a risk of anaemia, infections, tapeworm and other health problems. It is recommended that a veterinarian is contacted for advice on the best treatment for your dog. If any dog is presented at the studio with a serious flea infestation, treatment will be refused for the safety of other dogs. The full groom price will still be payable. If your dog has already been admitted to the studio and it’s discovered that they have a significant flea infestation, there will be an additional charge of £15 payable to cover additional bathing in insecticidal shampoo, together with fumigation of the salon.

Should a tick be found on your dog during the grooming process, this will be removed, however this will be at the customer’s risk and we recommend a thorough review by your veterinarian

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Appointment Only System

As Coat King Groomers operates on a 1:1 grooming service, all services are offered by appointment only. Please see the contact page for further information on booking an appointment.

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Late Collections

The customer should endeavour to arrive on time to collect their dog as the preference is for the dog to have as little time as possible in the studio to avoid getting anxious, as well as limiting contact with other dogs.

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Cancellation / No Show / Late Arrivals

If the customer is unable to keep their dog’s appointment, please note that 24 hours notice is required for any cancellation. Any appointment cancelled less than 24 hour’s notice period will be charged at 50% of the full groom price, unless Coat King Groomers manages to re-book the customer’s appointment, which will then result in a no-charge.

Should the customer arrive 15 minutes late for their dog’s appointment, this may result in the dog not being fully groomed, but the full fee may still be payable.

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At Coat King Groomers, all precautions are undertaken to endeavour the customer’s dog is safe and secure at all times, however grooming equipment is sharp and there is always the slight possibility that an accident may occur. In most cases this can happen due to sudden or excessive movement by the dog. In the event of an accident or injury, Coat King Groomers are authorised to contact a veterinarian to seek medical advice. Unless the accident is due to negligence on Coat King Groomers part, the customer is to pay all expenses relating to the injury.

Marketing / Photography icon

Marketing / Photography

During the grooming process, the customer’s dog may be photographed before, during and after their groom. Photographs may be used on Coat King Groomers website, Facebook & Instagram pages and any other promotional or marketing material. Should the customer prefer Coat King Groomers not to photograph their dog for marketing purposes, please advise.

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Dogs with Behavioural Issues

Customer’s must inform Coat King Groomers of any aggressive tendencies their dog may have, or if their dog has bitten during the grooming process in the past. Coat King Groomers reserve the right to refuse to groom aggressive or dangerous dogs. In the event of encountering a dog with aggressive behaviour, every effort will be made to reassure the dog and overcome their anxiety. However should this not be possible, Coat King Groomers reserves the right to muzzle the dog. If the dog is still considered aggressive after muzzling and presents a risk of injury to itself or the groomer, the groom will be stopped but the full price of the groom will still be payable. If the dog becomes aggressive and bites, the customer agrees to be responsible for any and all related medical bills, costs, legal action and loss of income and/or equipment damage.

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Terms & Conditions Harmless Agreement

By reading the terms & conditions agreement, the customer agrees to hold Coat King Groomers harmless from any and all damage, loss and /or claim arising from any and all medical conditions and/or injury to the dog(s), either known or unknown to Coat King Groomers. It is also further understood and agreed that the terms & conditions can change at any time, without notice, and will overwrite any and all prior signed customer registration form contracts or releases.

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