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Offering our customers a wide range of treatments at Coat King Groomers to suit your dog’s needs and your budget. These range from a face & eye trim, to an interim groom or a full groom. No matter what service you choose, all dogs will receive a “7 point health check” involving checking the ears, eyes, teeth, the hygiene area, coat condition, paws and looking for skin allergies. Any issues discovered will be discussed with the customer to agree further action. Coat King Groomers does not provide a service for gland secretion, as this should only be undertaken by a qualified vet.

Full Dog Groom

For a dog trim or breed standard clip, book your dog in for a full groom.
This includes a bath, blow dry, de-matting / de-shedding
(if required), styling, sanity clip, pad trim, nail clip and ear clean.

Price: Please visit the “Dog Grooming Prices Page” to see a range of prices depending on dog breed and size.

Dog Groom on the Run

 There are a number of treatments on offer to keep your dog looking in tip top shape in-between grooms.

Dog Grooming Face and eyes trim

Eye Trim

Price: £10

Keep your dog looking like a top model between grooms!

 Dog grooming Nail Clipping & Feet Trim


Price: £10

No such thing as summer toes! Always on display – have them trimmed and clipped today

dog grooming Nail Clipping

Nail Clipping Only

Prices: £10

Keep nails clipped short
to avoid joint and feet problems



Puppy Pamper Groom

There is a special discounted price for puppies up to 4 months old. Puppies will only be accepted into the studio after all their vaccinations. Getting your puppy used to the grooming studio from a young age is extremely important as it allows your puppy to feel calm and relaxed when in the grooming environment. Your puppy’s first visit will include bath, blow dry, ears cleaned, face and paw trim plus nail clip (if required), building up to a positive association with grooming.


Guidelines published by the Pet Industry Federation (PIF), state that de-matting can only be carried out on a dog for a maximum of 15 minutes.  If a dog is badly matted then the coat will be clipped off to prevent further pain and discomfort for the dog. The customer will be contacted in the event of the dog’s coat needing to be clipped off.  Regular grooming prevents matting and therefore it’s important to have your dog groomed every 6-8 weeks.  Please review the “de-matting policy” operated by Coat King Groomers under the “terms & conditions” section of the website.

Price: An additional £5 per ½ hr will be added to the grooming price for de-matting the coat.


Depending on the dog breed, they may malt or shed their coat at certain times during the year. De-shedding is perfect for removing all of your dog’s dead hair, minimising the amount they will shed.
This is a good alternative for dogs with double coats that shouldn’t be clipped. 

Flea & Tick Treatment

If your dog has fleas please treat them prior to visiting the studio. Should your dog be brought into the studio with infestation which is discovered after the groom has started a flea surcharge will apply. This covers the cost of bathing your dog using an insecticidal shampoo and the thorough cleansing and disinfecting of the studio.

Price: £20

For further detailed information on flea and tick treatment, please visit the terms and conditions section of the website.

Please visit the “Dog Grooming Prices Page” to see a range of bath prices depending on dog breed and size.

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Coat King Groomers is a  professional, qualified and fully insured dog grooming studio located in Cowbridge, Wales. Offering exceptional care and expert grooming, recognising that your dog is part of the family and that regular grooming is essential for your dog’s health and well-being.


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The access road to Coat King Groomers is now via the new roundabout on the A48. Enter Penllyn Estate Farm and drive down the road, past Forage farm shop on your left. At the mini roundabout turn left and Coat King Groomers is situated 100m down the road, on the right.

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